Saturday, March 3, 2012

10-Folder Pile up: Paperwork is my Nemesis

They’re stacking up again.  The piles.  Do you have them at your house?  Receipts, kids’ graded papers, overdue library notices, bills, coupons, meeting notes.  And I think I would rather eat glass then file it all.

Make that – I’d rather write, take a run, play "Go Fish" with me wee one, or do just about anything then file paperwork.  Maybe even clean the toilets.  OK – that might be overstating it.

In any event, this is an area of my life I haven’t yet mastered.  My penchant for piles has gotten me in plenty of trouble.   But it’s not like my habits have landed me on the latest episode of TLC’s, Hoarding.  It’s just that, well, the zillion pieces of paper that find their way into my house pile up.  Fast.

And then I get overwhelmed.  And suddenly, something else requires my immediate attention.  Such as cleaning the toilets.  

This problem with piles creates, er, some tension in my marriage.  I married a guy who has a serious appreciation for bare counter-tops.  I'm sure on some subliminal level I needed someone who would help me stay on track.  I’m cool with a little clutter, creative person that I am.  I decided I needed to do something. 

So I called in an expert.  In this case, one of my closest friends.  She’s the queen of organization, and even though  I’d have no problem sharing a dressing room with her, baring my jiggling underarms – I admit the thought of her seeing my littered office made me nervous. Like showing a Victoria's Secret model my underwear drawer.  I can't compete!

But like two sisters in a dressing room, my sweet pal graciously ignored my obvious flaws, and together, we sat crossed-legged as she created my brand new easy-to-maintain filing system.  (She swears!) She brought labeled red files and lunch, and we giggled and talked as we sifted piles, me baring my soul.  I thought it was hilarious when she asked which way I preferred my files to face.  Um, Jen, those things might keep you up at night, God love you, but I’m thrilled they're not just sticking out from every crevice in and around my desk.  Cleaning it all up felt so. good.

Hubby, I think we’re going to make it. 

It wasn’t nearly as bad as eating glass. Or cleaning toilets. 

As for maintaining my brand spanking new files, I was a bit anxious when Jen left me alone with them, like a mother with a new baby.  I can do this, I coached myself.  But they better not keep me up at night!   

What about you?  Do you love paperwork, or hate it?  Got any tips to share or stories to tell?  Chime in.  Make a comment, and make my day.  (If you want Jen’s number, I’m willing to share her.  She has her own business, The Space of Life, where she helps the waywardly disorganized contemplate exactly where paper clips are stored, or why they don't own paper clips in the first place.)

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  1. I'm sitting here looking at 3 boxes of paperclips if you need them. I only had sift through 4 piles of coupons, 3 staplers and 8 unsewn Girl Scout patches to find them :)