Friday, February 25, 2011

We're all Sisters in Here

So, I've got the answer to the age old question.  Why do women always visit the restroom together?  (Picture two guys sitting at a restaurant table, shaking their heads.)  Well, allow me to solve the mystery.  It’s the perfect excuse to snag a quick break and “plug in” to our instant camaraderie… where we effortlessly trade compliments and labor stories, relationship advice and lipstick....  fix a menacing bra-strap or release a few welled-up tears.  Or just take a moment to re-calibrate so we can tackle the world once again.  Mothers, professionals, great-grandmothers... doesn't matter.  Ours is a common bond; we're just trying to live up to our potential despite that nagging voice in our heads.  The one that insists we're not quite capable enough, smart enough, thin enough, whatever enough.  Not in here, ladies.  This is our sanctuary.  

Of course, gentleman (emphasis intended) are welcome to enter and learn.  If you knock first.  And enter with reverence.   This is our space.  Listen, learn and share.

Welcome to The Powder Room.  Jump in on the conversation.  Get inspired.  Giggle like a middle-schooler.  Blow off some steam.  Fend off the small hands pounding at the door…  blow off the dirty dishes or management reports for 5 more minutes.  This is your time, my time, our time together.  Come on in; there's no line!

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  1. I hope you like this, friends, and you're reading this. I've figured out how to enable comments!! Old dog, new tricks.